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Consignment for the Boutique des Créations Unika workshop


The store is located at 6-639 boul. Saint-Anne in Rimouski.

The shop presents my creations, but also Quebec products and various retail sales (cache-pots, creative supplies, elves, decorative items, plants, etc...). It is therefore not a shop entirely devoted to regional art. 

I also reserve the right to choose the products of the craftsmen who will want to add their creations to my decor. If you are interested, you will have to present your products to me and answer a short questionnaire.

Here are the instructions to read and apply

- Each contract is for oneminimum duration of 3 monthsafter which, it may or may not be renewed.  The goal being to offer something new to customers.


- The periods are:

  1. January 1 - March 31

  2. April 1 - June 30

  3. July 1 - September 30

  4. October 1 December 31

- During this period, you cannot take back or exchange your products. 

- At the end of the period, you can exchange your products (to create the effect of novelty) or take them back in whole or in part. 

-I reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time.

-You are responsible for the delivery and return of the goods (at your expense). 

- You must be able to replenish your product inventory when needed. The arrival of new products can happen at any time.

- You must provide me with a consignment sheet with the inventory of your products (I provide the form to be completed).

- I reserve the right to increase the price of products if necessary. Sometimes you underestimate your work...!

-You are responsible for your products!You must be insured for all cosmetic products and / or dedicated to children. Remember that in the event of a dispute, you are responsible for your products. 

- You must hold thepermitnecessary for your production if applicable (ex. MAPAQ, REQ, #CA, upholsterer, etc...). Cosmetic products must be approved by Health Canada.

- The store's liability in the event of breakage or theft is limited: You must assume the losses. Hence the importance of being insured! Yes I have insurance, but the deductible is $1000...

- Your products must belabeled with your nameor company nameand clearly indicate the priceof sale.  

-If you charge tax,the sale pricemust notunderstand taxes. It is the shop that charges the taxes to the customers. You will then have to (at the end of the 3 months) send me an invoice for the products sold minus the 30% deposit + taxes.

 -I do not give exclusivity on any product (ex. 2 consignees can present similar products)

-The inventory and payment (by interac transfer) will be made at the end of each quarter mentioned above. 

A commission of 30% of sales will be retained by the store (therefore 70% for the consignee and 30% for the store). 

The quantity of products on deposit may vary depending on the size of the products (may differ depending on each). 

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