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Signé Unika

I let myself be carried away by my creative energy to create this collection of spiritual inspiration.


Spirituality has been part of my life for 5 years now and has allowed me to transform my life until I experienced the miracle of my healing.


Healing is not just physical. Physical healing is only the end. I not only freed my soul from its wounds, but I also believe that I have freed many of my ancestors.


Since then, I have honored the being that I am every day by starting each day with a meditation and thanking life before falling asleep. These moments of introspection are the key to healing on all levels. Accompanied by meaningful objects, these rituals become even more powerful.


I have therefore created for you these objects which will become daily markers to remind you to take the time to live fully connected to your power, and this in full consciousness!

Suggestion of additional items!

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